Best Protein Food for Fat Loss

Here are a few of the best fat loss foods that will surely help you a lot in your quest for weight reduction via fat loss.


Eggs are the bst source of protein and essential vitamins. Hard boil egg is a good meal for helping in losing weight. An egg is a full source of vitamin B2, vitamin E, calcium, selenium, vitamin B12, minerals, zinc, potassium, folate, iron, vitamin B5 and B6. Eggs are an ideal protein foods for weight loss.


Eating low-fat yogurt is the best and easy way for fat burning and to lose weight and make up the intake of protein. It’s possible for you to add yogurt in just about any kind of meal you eat like oatmeal, snacks, fruits, smoothie, and vegetables. Yogurt helps to initiate the opposite of the weight gain process – that is, you loose your weight in a healthy and sustainable way. Any yogurt containing meal is a great high protein diet for fat loss.


Lentils are an excellent source of protein, and you have a vast variety of lentil to choose from. Lentils are abundant with proteins, minerals, and vitamins and give you full, healthy diet in one bowl. It’s possible for you to eat lentils with brown rice or with spoon (or spork!) as well.


Hummus is one of the easiest ways to lose weight with a healthy diet. Hummus is a chickpea spread, and you’ll be able to make it very easily. Eat hummus with vegetables. Hummus is the energy boosting spread. Hummus is very tasty and a good way to eat protein rich food to be able to lose weight.


Almonds are the best nuts with magnesium, vitamin E and B2. Almonds boost your energy and keep you healthy and fit. Eating a hand full of almonds are one of the best ways to lose weight in a healthy way.


Pumpkin seeds helps to burn fat fast because they are full of zinc. Pumpkin seed also helps to keep your sugar level steady. It’s possible for you to add pumpkin seed to yogurt, salads, oatmeal, smoothies or in any other meal. They also contain iron and magnesium that boost the energy levels of the body.


Oily fish helps to drop pounds and fight against obesity. It also prevents from heart diseases and psoriasis and arthritis. There is a lot of variety of oily fish for you to choose from like mackerel, salmon, trout, tuna, and sardines. Oily fish are full of zinc, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D and selenium.


Being a gluten free grain, quinoa is a complete of amino acid and vitamin B. You can eat it with all sorts of things including veggies, fruits, and salads. It is and energy boosting meal and helps to weight loss fast.


All of us need protein in our daily diet. You can make steak with it and relish your meal and shrink your waistlines side by side. It’s the best source of protein and protein prevents us from craving every one of the time.

Kickstart Your Weight Loss With Detox Foods

Are you currently looking for an easy method to lighten up? In case you do, there’s no need for those no-eating cleanses which leave you all hungry and headachy. The only thing you need to do is be careful about what you are eating. Only then, you do not have to care how much do you eat. What you must do is eat enough of the food that helps your body detox, and you will feel a difference right away.


Most of the detox diets list garlic as one of their most important components. Garlic is great for detox as it has antiviral, antiseptic and antibiotic properties. In addition to this, it helps your liver produce producing detoxification enzymes. These enzymes will later help to filter out any toxins from your digestive system. It is also an important part of detox diets as it adds flavor to the other bland foods you might have in your eating program. You do not even have to like it, as you won’t be eating it but only using it as a spice for some other foods.


Another food which has to be listed here is cabbage. Cabbage soup detox diet could be too tough to handle, and also you do not have to. You do not need to eat only cabbage as there is no need for extremes. It should find its place in your detox diet because it cleanses the digestive tract and soothes your stomach. It also neutralizes some damaging compounds that get to your body through cigarettes (as well as second-hand smoking). Because of all of this, cabbage is definitely a food to consider if you’re thinking about detoxification.


This fruit is always mentioned when we’re talking about detox. It’s a great liver detoxifier. Along with that, it releases enzymes and thus helps the process of digestion. It also releases Vitamin C, which helps toxins turn into some sort of water form, in which it’s much easier to release them. Contrary to popular belief, lemons do not burn abdominal fat in and of themselves. (No food does this, by the way.) A proper diet like ones described at the fat burning kitchen are a good way to lose extra pounds.


It isn’t any secret that tea is a great for your body. If you are thinking about detox diet, the sole thing you must be drinking besides water is tea. We have all heard about the magical work of green tea on our bodies. That’s because of its high antioxidant value. Along with this, it keeps you hydrated, and it fills you up. When you feel like that, chances are less that you’ll be hungry and start eating the wrong things. Still, the best idea is to drink those which are designed exactly to lighten you up, such is the skinny tea, which is a perfect option for such diet.


Beets are another food which must be mentioned. In the event that you are going on a detox diet, you need to get them into your regular menu. What they do is make certain that you’re really getting every one of the toxins out of your body. Sometimes it happens that toxins stay in your system even though you pay much attention to your diet. Adding beets to it’ll clean your digestive system for sure.

We don’t need to mention that there’s no room for sweets, coffee, and alcohol if you want to cleanse your body. You’re going to have to completely cut on those things if you want this to work. It’s important to say that none of the above-mentioned foods do miracle. Still, should you stick to the diet plan and eat only the recommended foods, you’ll manage to get rid of each of the toxins, as well as lose a couple of pounds.

The Celestial Boondocks

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